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About Robotic Process Automation

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Automating your back office processes

In RPA, we call the software that carries out the pre-programmed tasks a “software Robot”.

Much like a robot in a factory is programmed to work on an assembly line and carry out various actions the software Robots in RPA are programmed in much the same way. However instead of working on an assembly line they are working in your office and on your computer and carrying out back office processes.

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What kind of processes are well suited to Robotic Process Automation?


High volume

processes that occur a significant number of times daily, weekly or monthly.


Rules based

processes that follow a logical string of events with few exceptions.



processes that are measured, well-documented and predictable.


Time sensitive

processes that require rapid response time.

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How does it work?

We implement the UiPath platform in order to automate your repetitive business processes.

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