Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team that is dedicated to integrating Robotic Process Automation into your many business processes. On this page you'll learn about what the CoE does, how it can benefit your business, and why it is a must have if your company wants to leverage automation for years to come.


Role of the CoE

  • Manage a pipeline of automation projects

  • Design, implement, maintain and improve existing RPAs

  • Discover, assess, and select processes to be automated

  • The link between business and IT functions

  • Manage automation strategy and framework

  • Handles training and best practices


Benefits of a CoE

  • Improved visibility of automation within the company

  • Faster and better results due to sole focus on business process improvement and automation

  • Improved cost tracking and KPIs

  • Improved scalability of automation company-wide