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Learn about RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a very new and innovative technology that almost any business can take advantage of.


RPA uses software that can be customized to do almost any task on a computer.

Here are a few general examples of what RPA can do:

  • Read forms and fill in Word documents

  • Read paper documents that have been scanned and organize them digitally based on the contents

  • Gather information from various sources and and prepare reports

  • Read emails and respond to people's questions

  • Manage a calendar and connect appointments between different applications

  • Listen to audio recordings and turn words into text

  • Make sure that the data in your systems are accurate and up to date

  • Monitor a business' IT infrastructure and send alerts

  • Automate 20 year old legacy software that is still being used today

  • Set up all of the applications and accounts when onboarding a new employee

  • Carry out payroll every week and make sure your employees are paid the right amount

  • Automatically reconcile your accounting software against your bank statements

  • Pay your suppliers' bills and invoices in your online banking portal

  • Prepare your business taxes and file them at the end of the year

  • Follow up with your customers who haven't paid yet 

  • Read websites and scrape pricing information so you can see what your competitors are up to

We use the RPA software made by UiPath to program our automations. We call the automations Robots.

These Robots do all the hard work. They can use computers just like people.


They never sleep or need a break.


Here's a real demo you can try out

Try our Weather Radar automation and put a Robot to work for you!

Click the button below and type your details into the form.


Our Robot will get started and send you a moving picture from the weather station near our office in Ontario. 

This isn't a recurring automation. Our Robot will only reach out to you once.

What did the Weather Radar Robot do?

Our Robot carried out the following actions to send you the radar video. Watch the video to see the Robot in action.

  1. Gather your contact details from the form you filled out

  2. Go to the Weather Radar website and take 

  3. Put the images together into a moving picture (aka GIF)

  4. Go to the image sharing website, Imgur and upload the image

  5. Get the shared URL from Imgur

  6. Send an email, or text message to you

More video examples

Saving songs from a playlist into my music library

Here's another easy to visualize automation. 

This Robot helps me listen to more good music by reading individual songs from a podcast and saving them into my music library. The Robot reads the list of songs on the left, and types them into my music app on the right.

Now I can easily navigate my favourite songs and listen to them however I would like!

Learn about more RPA use cases

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