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6 reasons why you should hire DigitalStaff's Intelligent RPA Robots for your next IT project

Many companies already have an IT project pipeline filled with various business improvement projects. These projects can range in size, from a couple of hours to months or years of sustained work. The benefits gained from these projects can also be variable, resulting in small improvements up to enormous time saving potential.

More often than not, setting up DigitalStaff's Intelligent RPA Robots takes less time than other IT projects, but also provides greater dividends. Your company will benefit greatly by offloading certain tasks to a computer.

In this post I will describe why you should consider fitting in a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project sooner than later.

What are Intelligent RPA Robots?

DigitalStaff's Intelligent RPA Robots use a new technology called Robotic Process Automation that enables automation of front-office and back-office business processes that previously required people.

Intelligent RPA Robots are 100% digital. These Robots do not have a physical body, and are not conventional "hardware robots".

Our Robots can use applications on the computer in the same way a person can; by clicking buttons, typing in text, reading documents, creating reports, etc. DigitalStaff uses the UiPath platform to train its Intelligent RPA Robots.

Rapid return on investment

Compared to other IT projects, an RPA project can be started and completed significantly faster. RPA projects can take from one to two weeks up to six months for more complex projects. However, the majority of common business processes can be automated in a matter of weeks.

On the low end, companies are reporting first year Return on Investments of 30%; and on the high end these ROIs can be up to triple digits and save millions of dollars a year.

Taken from Everest Group: Seizing the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Market Opportunity

Do more work without hiring more staff

Automating business processes with Intelligent RPA Robots decreases the amount of work that your human workforce needs to do. Because of this, your company can handle increased demand without adding headcount.

With a 100% human workforce, if your company experiences a peak in demand and your current capacity is not enough you will need to hire and train new employees. It can take months until your new trainees are working as efficiently as more senior employees.

However, if you experience an increase in demand with a robotic workforce, it is simple enough to "copy and paste" new Robots to instantly increase capacity.

Do you wish you could duplicate your best employees? That is now possible with Intelligent RPA Robots.

Increased customer + employee satisfaction

Customers will experience better quality service because properly programmed Robots don't make mistakes. And since DigitalStaff's Intelligent RPA Robots can work many times faster than a person, you will be able to deliver your product or service in less time and further increase customer satisfaction.

Your employees will be happier, because they will be able to work on more interesting tasks and work on fewer repetitive, mundane tasks. Employees will be able to work on tasks requiring judgment, problem solving skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Almost endless automation possibilities

DigitalStaff's Intelligent RPA Robots can use all of the software your company has in production, whether it is the latest Salesforce app running in a browser, or a terminal system that has been around since the 80's.

If your software doesn't integrate with other applications, there is often nothing you can do. However, DigitalStaff can help you connect these disparate applications as if they were fully integrated. Not only that, but we can connect our Intelligent RPA Robots to many external systems to achieve exceptional synergies.

Only with Intelligent RPA Robots is it possible to automate complex business processes, like:

  • Accounts payable

  • Payroll

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Customer service

It is possible to automate processes in each of the following business functions:

  • HR

  • Finance and Accounting

  • IT

  • Operations

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Research and Development

Measurable benefits + 100% compliance

Every action an Intelligent RPA Robot does is logged and tracked. With this audit log, it is possible to seamlessly report on the work that these Robots complete. We can also generate more data while going through a process, which allows us to track in real time whether we are achieving the desired metrics or KPIs.

As long as your Intelligent RPA Robots have been programmed properly, 100% compliance is possible. The Robots carry out their instructions perfectly every time.

Taken from "Align Business Outcomes with RPA Operations Using UiPath Insights"

Start small and work your way up

You don't have to commit to automating every single process in your business from the start. One of the great benefits of setting up Intelligent RPA Robots is that you can start small and automate a single process. Once you realize the benefits of this kind of automation, you can continue to automate one process after the other.

Many companies started their RPA journey with just one automated process and a single robot, and within a couple of years scaled-up to many Robots and hundreds of automated processes.

DigitalStaff is here to help you on your automation journey

Your company probably isn't equipped to start automating with RPA right now. There's a lot that you need to know to build a automation that will be reliable over the long term. That's why we are here to help you get started on your first automation. After that, we can work with you and your IT department to ensure the automations continue to run reliably.

Would your company benefit from automating its business processes with DigitalStaff’s Intelligent RPA Robots?

Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.



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