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Is employee turnover stunting your company's growth? Hiring Intelligent Robots may be the answer

Running a business is hard. Scaling a business to handle year over year growth is even harder. Employee turnover is one factor that can hinder the growth of your company. 

In this post I'll describe how repetitive work increases employee turnover and harms your company. Then I will show how our Intelligent Robots can help your company mitigate the risks of employee turnover and increase profitability.

Some business processes are inherently repetitive and disliked by those doing the work

These activities, like data entry, PO management, and document processing are not usually thought of as exciting or inspiring. Often employees who work in these areas are not able to do so for very long. They may quit the job within a year or two of being hired because:

  • the work is very repetitive and monotonous

  • employees feel lonely as there is little interaction with others

  • not much thinking is involved and they don't feel challenged

  • there are few opportunities for career advancement or growth

  • the work is very stressful or it feels like it will never end

Jobs with the above mentioned characteristics often have higher turnover rates compared to other areas of the business.

These repetitive jobs are essential to your company's daily operation

Even though they may be seen in a more negative light, these jobs are still important and need to be completed. So when a company loses the employees that carry out these functions, it can harm the overall health of the company. In a worst case scenario the company may lose loyal customers or expected revenues.

If you lose an employee, all you can do is hire for the same position and hope for the best

There's often nothing you can do to rectify the loss of capacity other than to go hire and train a new employee to do the work.  But this new hire may also leave after a short time. The following section shows the process that many companies constantly go through in their high turnover areas.

The futile employee turnover process

  1. Repetitive business activities need to be completed

  2. Spend time and money finding employees

  3. Spend time and money interviewing and hiring employees

  4. Spend time and money training employees

  5. Employees do the work and everything is going smoothly

  6. Some employees become dissatisfied with their work and quit

  7. The capacity and growth of the company is negatively impacted

  8. Worst case scenario: customers notice and take their business elsewhere

  9. Go to step 1 and repeat 

High employee turnover results in a negative return on investment

Since your business needs these jobs completed, you can't just stop doing them. But your company is experiencing a negative return on investment by hiring, training, and subsequently losing those employees.

Not to mention the harm caused to the morale of your remaining employees who have to work twice as hard to cover for the missing employees. And it can take months for a newly trained employee to become fully productive. Your customers may be leaving in flocks due to lowered product or service quality.

Mitigate the harm caused by employee turnover with DigitalStaff's Intelligent Robots 

One solution to this problem that you could try is to hire DigitalStaff and our Intelligent Robots. Your company will be able to better endure employee turnover because our Intelligent Robots will be able to significantly reduce the amount of manual labour required to carry out the work. 

Intelligent Robots: like Excel macros on steroids

Our Intelligent Robots are able to carry out your repetitive business activities that can be done entirely on the computer. The Intelligent Robots are actually computer programs, kind of like Excel macros. But our Intelligent Robots can use any computer application; read and write in Word documents, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets; interact with websites on the internet; send and receive emails, and so much more. 

Your business can grow more consistently with Intelligent Robots

Imagine if those important but universally disliked and repetitive jobs were magically completed, and no one needed to do them anymore. Your employees would have more time that they would be able to spend on more meaningful and strategic tasks. Your employees would be able to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to provide more value to customers. Your employees would be able to have more human interactions, and as a result enjoy a better working environment. 

Your business would also depend less on potentially unreliable human labour to complete its repetitive work, and so if your employees do end up quitting it won't be as much of a blow to your company's ability to get work done.

Teach Intelligent Robots how to do a job once, experience the benefits for years to come

Just as if you were training a new employee on how to do the job, we would need to teach the Robot how to carry out your business process. The Robot will be able to do work just like a person. Except Intelligent Robots have a range of benefits compared to people:

  • they cost less than a person on a yearly basis

  • they are 2X to 4X faster than a person at completing various tasks

  • they can work 24/7 and don't need sleep or breaks

  • they are reliable, and never call in sick or are late to work

  • they don't need much management

  • they will never quit because the work is too repetitive

Save money, increase quality of work, and improve your customer's experience

By automating certain business processes with Intelligent Robots, you would be able to save money compared to having that same work carried out by a person. With the money and time you are saving, you could invest in retraining and upskilling your employees to be able to take on more complex and creative pursuits.

As a result of happier and better trained people, your product or service quality would increase along with your profits as your customers take note.

Here's a list of some jobs that Intelligent Robots are really good at:

  • Purchase order and expense processing 

  • Generating product quotes and invoices

  • Payroll processing

  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports generation

  • Data entry and forms processing

  • Customer service for common issues / questions

  • Appointment scheduling 

  • Employee and customer on-boarding

  • Various IT activities

Intelligent Robots can mitigate the operational risks of employee turnover

In conclusion, your business would be more flexible and stable, and less impacted by the risks of employee turnover if you were to hire DigitalStaff's Intelligent Robots to automate your repetitive jobs. Your business could grow more rapidly, and experience fewer reductions in capacity when employees decide to quit.

Want to learn more about how DigitalStaff's Intelligent Robots can increase your profitability and reduce other business risks? 

Visit our website to learn more how our Intelligent Robots can benefit your company. Otherwise, if you have any questions feel free to contact us directly! 

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