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Sales & Marketing Processes

  • CRM management

    • Automatic profile updates

  • Lead management and nurturing

  • Commission management

  • Chatbots

  • Automatically logging details from many communication platforms and adding them into the CRM

  • Finding competitors prices

  • Sales order / quote generation across multiple systems

    • Sales people only need to input sales orders or quotes one time, and the automation can replicate the data across the numerous systems in real time

    • Saves time for creating proposals

  • Automated Quote approval

    • When a sales person generates a quote, sometimes a manager needs to approve the quote for it to go out. However, if the quote falls within certain standards, then the quote can be automatically approved. If the quote is higher or lower than the standards, it can bring in a person to handle the quote and approve it.

  • Prospecting and list building

    • automatically build lists of prospects and enter only new prospects into your CRM

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Automatic follow ups or reminders to sales people

  • Automatic appointment reminders, to send to prospects that we have an appointment on the next day. 

  • Automated forecasting reports generation.

  • Finding times to talk with prospects. 

  • Automated appointment scheduling 

  • Notifications to sales rep if their customer or prospect is spending lots of time on the website 

  • Renewal notifications / lack of usage notifications

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