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Automate your work

Most business leaders lack the time and knowledge to make their organization more efficient with technology.

At DigitalStaff we help you automate your repetitive digital tasks so you can focus on your most important work and achieve more!

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What is it costing you?

When you're working on the computer, how much of your time is taken up by repetitive tasks that aren't that important, but you need to do them in order to achieve your goals?


Is your business as efficient as it could possibly be? Or are there areas for improvement?


Do you hear about all of this amazing new technology and wonder why your office feels like it's still in the '90s?


Do you use two, three, or more software programs every day to do your job? Could they be better connected?


Are your customers choosing the competition instead of you because you are overwhelmed with mundane tasks and just can't keep up?


Do you spend many hours copying and pasting data between programs?


How many times have you wished that there was an easier and more simple way to run your business?

Automation may be the solution to your problems...

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Enjoy the benefits of automation


Operational efficiencies

RPA can handle the majority of straightforward cases in a process, leaving the more challenging 20% of the work to your staff to handle appropriately.


Improved customer satisfaction

RPA improves service quality by reducing errors, speeding service delivery, improving service consistency and extending service availability to 24/7.


Rapid return on investment

After comparing the costs associated with implementing and maintaining RPA solutions against the benefits of cost savings, typical first year ROIs range from 30% to 300%.


What it is,
What it does,
Why it matters.


Take 2 minutes to see how your company can increase operational efficiencies by implementing RPA
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Our offerings


Your first
automated process

Is the hype about RPA true? Will it work for our business?


If your company is looking to get started on its first automated process, we can help you discover potential processes, plan your next steps, and code the automation for you.

Business Meeting

Identifying what processes to automate

There are so many possible processes to automate. We need to discover which processes will return fast ROI and prioritize their development.

We can help you map your existing processes and discover the low hanging fruit.


Your automation department

Implementing, maintaining, and scaling your RPA projects can take a lot of time and money and require skills that your company doesn't have. 

Partner with DigitalStaff and let us manage your CoE. Experience the benefits of RPA without any of the headaches!

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About DigitalStaff

We are a London, Ontario based automation company. DigitalStaff was founded because we saw how human potential was being spent on repetitive and mundane tasks instead of on more rewarding and fulfilling tasks.

Every day we are working towards building a world where people are able to work on the things that matter instead of just working on the things that need to be done. 

At DigitalStaff we take care to learn about your business and what makes it different, so that we can provide you with seamless automation solutions that save money and time while increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Get started in three simple steps

Step 1 - Schedule a call

  • Get connected and talk about your goals and where you're at.

  • Figure out which process you should automate. Or if you already know we can just do that one. But we can confirm if we are even able to automate it for you.

  • Discover the return on investment or value of automating a process.

Step 2 - Create a plan

  • Then we take everything we know and based on your requirements we create a plan for you of how we will automate this process.

  • Will show you we can do it manually first, then we automate it.

  • Ideally we are able to talk with specific subject matter experts who may be relevant to the process.


Step 3  - Achieve more!

  • Now your work is automated and working just like you asked.

  • You have more time to spend on more important tasks.

  • You are no longer bogged down by repetitive work and you feel more fulfilled knowing you can now achieve your full potential.

Schedule an appointment
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