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Automate your work

Most business leaders lack the time and knowledge to make their organization more efficient with technology.

At DigitalStaff we help you automate your repetitive digital tasks so you can focus on your most important work and achieve more!

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Is your organization paying the hidden price of inefficiency?

Time lost in the depths of repetition: Picture this - you're at your desk, bogged down by a relentless tide of repetitive tasks. Each click, each repetitive action, is time slipping through your fingers. Time that could be spent on growth, innovation, and achieving your true business potential.


Trapped in the past? Technology is evolving at lightning speed, yet does your office still feel like a relic from the '90s? Imagine the opportunities slipping away as you cling to outdated methods.


Software chaos: Are you juggling multiple software programs, none of which talk to each other? Think of the confusion, the errors, the precious time lost in translation between these digital silos.


Customers slipping away: As you focus on mundane tasks, customers choose your competitors, diminishing your market impact.


Craving simplicity? Do you find yourself regularly wishing for simpler, more streamlined business operations? That’s a sign that change is not just wanted, it’s needed.


The true cost of inaction: It’s not just about what you're doing; it's about what you're not able to do because of these inefficiencies. The cost of inaction is immense, and it’s a price your business pays daily.

Embrace automation: Imagine breaking free from these chains. Automation isn’t just a tool; it’s your gateway to a new era of efficiency and opportunity. It’s time to turn the what-ifs into reality.

Here's how we help our customers

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Substantial cost savings

We help you save money by reducing the amount of human labour required to carry out digital activities.

Imagine having more money to put towards fueling your company's growth!

Save time and be more productive

Eliminate mundane, repetitive work with automation and give your team the focus they need to achieve more strategic goals.

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Scale faster and easier

Grow your organization more effectively with automation. Instead of having to find, hire, and train new employees, you can just scale up your automation to handle the increased workload.

Unlock and unify your data

We can help you make more informed decisions by putting the information you need right now at your finger tips.

Automatically collect data from many sources, bring it all together, and create actionable reports that help you achieve more!

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Better customer experiences

Delight your customers by providing more personalized, consistent services in less time.

No automation experience? No problem!

We make it easy for you to start automating your company. We have tools and systems to help you get started and automate your company. As long as you can speak English, we can help you get it automated.

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Get started in three simple steps


1. Schedule a call

Kick off your journey to efficiency! We'll discuss your goals and identify which digital tasks can be automated, ensuring they align with your needs. This is your first step towards a more productive workflow.


2. Create an automation plan

After our chat, we'll craft a customized plan for automating your selected tasks. You show us how to do the job, then we'll set up the automation. We'll involve your experts to ensure everything runs smoothly.


3. Achieve more!

With the automation in place, you'll spend less time on tedious digital tasks and more on what really matters! Enjoy increased productivity and satisfaction, as the less enjoyable but necessary tasks are efficiently handled by automation!


About DigitalStaff

We are a London, Ontario based automation company. DigitalStaff was founded because we saw how human potential was being spent on repetitive and mundane tasks instead of on more rewarding and fulfilling tasks.

Every day we are working towards building a world where people are able to work on the things that matter instead of just working on the things that need to be done. 

At DigitalStaff we take care to learn about your business and what makes it different, so that we can provide you with seamless automation solutions that save money and time while increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Our offerings


Your first
automated process


Is the hype about RPA true? Will it work for our business?


If your company is looking to get started on its first automated process, we can help you discover potential processes, plan your next steps, and code the automation for you.

Business Meeting

Identifying what processes to automate

There are so many possible processes to automate. We need to discover which processes will return fast ROI and prioritize their development.

We can help you map your existing processes and discover the low hanging fruit.


Your automation department

Implementing, maintaining, and scaling your RPA projects can take a lot of time and money and require skills that your company doesn't have. 

Partner with DigitalStaff and let us manage your CoE. Experience the benefits of RPA without any of the headaches!

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Why it matters.

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