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DigitalStaff helps you delight your customers by automating certain tasks so you can focus on what's important; get it all done; and achieve more!


Benefits achieved with RPA


Operational Efficiencies

RPA can handle the majority of straightforward cases in a process, leaving the more challenging 20% of the work to your staff to handle appropriately.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

RPA improves service quality by reducing errors, speeding service delivery, improving service consistency and extending service availability to 24/7.


Rapid return on investment

After comparing the costs associated with implementing and maintaining RPA solutions against the benefits of cost savings, typical first year ROIs range from 30% to 300%.


What it is,
What it does,
Why it matters.



Take 2 minutes to see how your company can increase operational efficiencies by implementing RPA


Our offerings


RPA Proof of Concept (PoC)

Is the hype about RPA true? Will it work for our business?

If your company is looking to get started on its first automated process, we can help you discover potential processes, plan your next steps, and code the automation for you.

Business Meeting

Process Mapping and Selection

There are so many possible processes to automate. We need to discover which processes will return fast ROI and prioritize their development.

We can help you map your existing processes and discover the low hanging fruit.


Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Implementing, maintaining, and scaling your RPA projects can take a lot of time and money and require skills that your company doesn't have. 

Partner with DigitalStaff and let us manage your CoE. Experience the benefits of RPA without any of the headaches!


About DigitalStaff

We are a London, Ontario based Robotic Process Automation company. DigitalStaff was founded because we saw how human potential was being spent on repetitive and mundane tasks instead of on more rewarding and fulfilling tasks.

Every day we are working towards building a world where people are able to work on the things that matter instead of just working on the things that need to be done. 

At DigitalStaff we take care to learn about your business and what makes it different, so that we can provide you with seamless automation solutions that save money and time while increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

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