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About Us: Headliner

DigitalStaff is the result of my lifelong passion of making things more simple with technology.
The name 'DigitalStaff' comes from the idea of using software Robots to do work for your business. Thus, these robots are your 'digital staff'. 


YourTech London team, 2017

How we got here
In my time operating YourTech London, a managed technology services company, I learned first hand that my customers value the time saving and operational efficiency benefits of technology over anything else. 

I also learned how much time it takes to hire, train, and manage employees. Thanks to the many books I read on this topic, I did my research and developed my knowledge. Then, I built an operational manual for YourTech London which I would give to my employees to help them do their job more effectively. 

Mapping our business processes, creating checklists, and writing documentation for the many tasks we had to carry out to please our customers taught me the importance of consistent, repeatable and automatic processes. 

This led me to discover Robotic Process Automation, after which my head was full of ideas on how to automate many of our own business processes. I started sharing the idea of RPA and software Robots with customers, friends, and strangers alike, and every single person could see the value automation can bring to their lives. 

Where we are now
We focus entirely on using RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate our client's business processes. You will benefit from our experience in defining, planning, implementing, and maintaining automation projects. 

What can you do next?
Get started by downloading our latest white paper "Automating accounts payable" by joining our mailing list. You will learn a lot about our services, and the value that RPA can bring to your organization.

You could also send us a message, or call us to begin a conversation about the benefits of RPA for your organization.

Oscar ONeill
Director, DigitalStaff

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About Oscar ONeill

Director of DigitalStaff

Graduated from Western University with a B.A. in Media, Information & Technoculture


Fond of riding bicycles and eating pizza

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