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Case study: HR Reporting Automation for Davis Martindale

This blog post explores an office automation process that we designed for Davis Martindale's Human Resources department. The automation enhances the efficiency of HR reporting, reduces data entry errors, and enables the HR team to provide better support to their colleagues.

About Davis Martindale

Davis Martindale is an accounting firm that has been serving clients in London Ontario, Toronto, and around the world for over 55 years. They are dedicated to delivering tailored services that provide their clients with peace of mind. They believe in finding a balance between using technology and building authentic relationships with clients of all sizes. A key aspect of Davis Martindale is the range of services provided: This includes advisory services, accounting and tax planning, litigation support, business valuation, and forensic accounting.

HR reporting became more time consuming

Over the past decade the Davis Martindale team has expanded. The HR team is responsible for manually compiling information for management. With the growth of the firm this reporting became increasingly time consuming and restricted the HR team’s ability to focus on other critical work.

The process: from idea to execution

That’s why we worked with Davis Martindale’s HR team to develop a customized office automation that transformed the HR reporting process into something much more efficient. First, this required learning and understanding the HR reporting process. We did this by talking with them about the work, the format of the report, where to get the data, etc.

Automating the HR reporting sub-tasks

Next, we identified and automated the tasks that make up a completed HR report. This included writing code to automatically gather the necessary inputs; filter and organize the data; carry out calculations, and finally deliver a completed report to the HR team.

Automate any software without an API with DigitalStaff and RPA

This fully automated system is able to automate Davis Martindale’s daily use software without needing an API. DigitalStaff is able to achieve this kind of automation by using UiPath, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software to automate the clicking of buttons and typing of details into software programs.

Benefits of the automated HR report:

  1. The HR team can invest their time into other valuable tasks and provide better support to their colleagues now that the HR reporting process is fully automated. Employee additions/changes to the report are easily adjusted by the HR team, ensuring the most up-to-date information is delivered by the software.

  2. The number of data entry errors has decreased to zero. This is because the report is now being generated by a computer program multiple times a week. This significantly improves the quality and reliability of the calculations. An additional by-product of this: confidence in the numbers and the final report have increased.

  3. Davis Martindale can process more data in less time. The automated HR reporting process completes calculations much faster than a person ever could, while simultaneously processing larger amounts of data.

  4. More timely decisions. The automation allows HR to report information to management in a more timely manner. Combined with the increased accuracy of the information, time is now primarily spent on analyzing the information and making decisions.

  5. Consistent and professional standards. The automation enables a consistent standard of detail and formatting in HR reports, which would otherwise take up valuable time to manually maintain.

Overall the HR reporting automation developed by DigitalStaff for Davis Martindale, has been a great success and helps the HR team save time and provide better support to their colleagues.

We are proud to have worked with Davis Martindale to develop this automation. We believe that it is a great example of how automation can help businesses be more efficient and productive.

If you’re looking for full-service accounting firms in London, Ontario, look no further than forward thinking Davis Martindale.

Contact DigitalStaff today to learn how your team can boost productivity by automating routine tasks at your company.

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